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Joyce Meyer – Romans 8; 26-39 – Bible Study

    Joyce Meyer Devotional – Romans 8; 26-39 – Bible Study : If you know Christ, your life is always better than those who do not know Christ. Imagine going through some of your problems without Jesus, so even though we still have problems, with Christ in the middle of all of them we are still conquerors.

    The holy spirit strengthens us in our weakness and the enemy will like us to believe that because of those weaknesses we are able to do certain things, but that’s a lie because the bible clearly teaches us that God strengthens us in our weaknesses, through the holy spirit, who is with us at all times.   He sent the Holy Spirit to us when Jesus was about to ascend into heaven.

    Prayer is one of the most important privileges that God has given to us, why would anyone not want to pray? How can you not want to pray when you can ask your heavenly father of anything in prayers, however the enemy some times tries to put doubt in us, by convincing us that we are not praying right or long enough or in the right position, but romans chapter 8 vs. 26 tells us that “we do not know what prayers to offer nor how to offer it worthily”, but the holy spirit helps us offer our prayers worthily and boldly in the name of Jesus. It’s important, that we stop doubting while praying, just invite the Holy Spirit.

    We are more than conquerors, this simply means that before you ever get a problem, you already know that in the end you will win and that allows us to live without fear. We should be deeply rooted and grounded in Christ and in Gods love.


    Bible verses for this teaching

    Romans 8; 26-39



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