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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals and prayer june 9 2022 : Guilt and Forgiveness

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals june 9 2022 : 

     Jesus forgave all of our sins when He died on the cross, and He paid the price for our guilt as well. When we acknowledge or admit our sin to God, telling Him everything, refusing to hide our sin, we are able to receive His gift of grace. Confession is good for the soul; it allows us to let go of heavy burdens that are caused by guilty secrets.

    The feeling of guilt does not always go away instantly, but we can take God at His Word and say, “I am forgiven, and the guilt has been removed.” Our feelings will eventually catch up with our decisions. We can live by the truth in God’s Word and not the way we feel.

    Prayer Starter: Lord, I receive what You did for me on the cross, I believe I am forgiven, and I thank You that my guilt has been removed, amen.

    Prayer Request

    Joyce Meyer ministries is always ready and willing to assist you in praying for your needs. Two things are of utmost importance for effectiveness of prayers ; faith and mercy. It is important to have strong and unaffected faith in God , believing that he can do all things.

    Kindly drop your prayer request and have strong faith that your prayers will be answered

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