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Joyce Meyer daily devotionals April 21 2022: God Meets You Where You Are

    Joyce Meyer daily devotionals April 21 2022 : I try to eat reasonably healthy meals, and I have studied nutrition and its effects on the body. Consequently, I have strong opinions about how we should take care of ourselves. I do eat sweets, but only small amounts, and I am usually concerned when I see anyone regularly consuming large amounts of sweets and other foods that I know to be unhealthy.

    I have tried to inform people when I see them eating poorly, and they have not received my advice well, to say the least. I even had one person say, “If we are going to spend time together, I don’t want you telling me what to eat all the time and making me feel guilty when I eat something you don’t approve of.”

    The person went on to say, “I know I don’t eat right, but I am just not at the place yet in my life where I am ready to do anything about it. I have lots of things wrong with me that I feel are more urgent than my appetite. So, I am concentrating on what I feel God is dealing with me about, and I have no time to also pay attention to what you are dealing with me about.”

    We all tend to put our convictions on others; we think if they are priorities for us, they must be priorities for everyone.

    Romans 14 shares examples of how people were in a quandary about whether or not they should eat meat that had been offered to idols. Some thought it would be a sin, and others said the idols were nothing any way and therefore could not harm the meat. Some could not eat because of their weak faith, and others ate because of their strong faith. Paul told them to each be convinced in their own hearts, and not try to force their personal convictions on others.

    God seems to meet each of us right where we are in our faith. He begins with us at that point and helps us grow gradually and continually. Be led by the Holy Spirit yourself, and let others do the same thing.

    Prayer Starter: God, please help me to accept where I am right now, as You do, and I trust You to take me to a new level of living that is right for me and not for someone else, amen.

    Author: Joyce Meyer

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