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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals October 5 2022: Stay In Agreement

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotionals 5 October 2022: Stay In Agreement

    God’s Word reveals a wonderful plan for your life. It shows how God sees you, and what He has for you through Jesus Christ. Keep your thoughts and words in agreement with God’s Word.

    Say, “Everything I lay my hand to prospers and succeeds. I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. I am blessed going in and going out. The blessings of God chase me down and overtake me. God is on my side. I am blessed to be a blessing to everyone I meet today.”

    Prayer of the Day: Lord, thank You for Your good plan for my life. I receive Your blessings that chase me down and overtake me! I love you, amen.

    Credit for today’s Joyce Meyer‘s daily devotional 5 October 2022: Joyce Meyer Ministries/

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