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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional -You’re an Original

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional You’re an Original: too many christians have gotten too much of the world in them, that the world cant tell the difference between us and them. we need to realise that we are living in extremely important time, these days seem to be the most evil that has ever been in existence and it does not seem like it will get better. if any thing, it will get worse because we are getting closer to the days when Jesus will Return and if he doe not return in our life time, we still have to live everyday like he was coming on that day. a lot of people will make changes in their lives if they knew the exact time Jesus was coming, Joyce Meyer advises us to live like we knew Jesus was coming the next morning.

    If you are alive in this day and hour, you are very important to the cause of christ, do not let the devil get in your head and confuse you making you feel like you are not important, every single one of us is.

    Just by being peaceful and happy in our schools, market places, places of employment and your neighbourhood can make people want to know why you are being the way you are, why you are such a positive person irrespective of the world around you and when they have started asking you questions, then you do not have to feel like you are telling people or preaching to people about Jesus when they do not want to hear it.

    We are important to the cause of christ and every one of us has that ministry of reconciliation and we have the ministry of intercession, we should pray for other people, prayer is a privilege not an obligation, it is something we should be excited about doing, though some of us have set times for prayers, we also need to learn to pray our way through the day. God not only invites us to pray but he tells us to come boldly and to be persistent because he is able to do more than he can ask, hope or think, he does not want us to ask for little things, he wants us to ask for things that we cannot wrap our minds around.

    Our God is  a great God, we should always and every time be in communication with him.


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