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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional March 1 2022 : Get Excited

    Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional March 1 2022 : 


    As Christians, we have so many blessings! We can know God, hear His voice, receive His love, trust Him to do what’s best for us, and rest in the fact that He has every aspect of our lives under control. We have lots of reasons to be excited! We get excited about all kinds of other things, so why shouldn’t we be excited about our relationship with God?

    People often say that any visible display of enthusiasm in a spiritual setting is “emotionalism.” I finally realized that it was God Who gave us emotions and that although He does not want us to let them lead our lives, He does give them to us for a purpose, part of which is enjoyment. If we are truly enjoying God, how can we not show some emotion about it? Why must our spiritual experience be dry and boring, dull and lifeless? Is Christianity supposed to be expressed by long faces, sad music, and somber rituals? Certainly not!

    In today’s verse, David said he was glad to go to God’s house. In 2 Samuel 6:14, he danced before God “with all his might.” He also played his harp, sang to God, and rejoiced greatly. But David lived under the Old Covenant. Today we live under the New Covenant and under it, we who believe in Christ are full of hope, joy, and peace (see Romans 15:13). We no longer have to strive or struggle to be acceptable to God, but we rest in the grace that Jesus has made us acceptable. We no longer have to try to justify ourselves by our works, but we are justified by faith. We can hear His voice and enjoy His presence. We have been set free from every kind of bondage! These are great reasons to be excited!

    Prayer Starter: Lord, thank You for my relationship with You. I’m excited that I can hear Your voice, receive Your love and trust You to do what is best for me. I am excited to go deeper in my walk with You, amen.


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