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Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional August 3 2023

    The theme for Today’s Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional August 3 2023 is ”Angelic Protection” and it is a message of assurance and hope designed for our today’s inspiration and spiritual upliftment.

    As we read today’s message by Joyce Meyer, may God bless the word in our hearts and grant us our heart desires today.

    Read Joyce Meyer Daily Devotional For Today August 3 2023 ”Angelic Protection”

    Angels are heavenly beings that do God’s bidding, according to Psalm 103:20, which means that He dispatches them to help, protect, or otherwise minister as He sees fit. Throughout the Bible, people encountered angels for various reasons. Jacob wrestled with an angel in Genesis 32:22–32 and Hosea 12:4. The angel Gabriel announced Jesus’ impending birth to His mother, Mary (see Luke 1:26–33), and two angels sat in the empty tomb after Jesus’ resurrection (see John 20:12). In Revelation 5:11–12 (NIV), the apostle John sees many angels praising God, saying, …Worthy is the Lamb, who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!

    We can see that angels carry out a variety of functions. According to today’s scriptures, the Lord promises angelic protection and deliverance to those who trust in Him by taking refuge in Him and living in Him as their dwelling place. Having angelic protection does not mean we will never experience any trial or affliction. It means we are protected from whatever the enemy ultimately plans for us as long as we keep our trust in God and believe and speak of Him in accordance with His Word.

    Prayer of the Day: Thank You, God, for the assurance of Your angelic protection, amen.

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    Build your life with prayer and the word of God and the evil will never near you. May Your day’s be filled with joy and fulfilment of God’s plans.

    Source: Joyce Meyer Ministries.

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