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Dave and Joyce Meyer Celebrate 55th Wedding Anniversary – See Pictures

    Joyce and Dave Meyer 55 wedding anniversary pictures : The president of Joyce Meyer ministries, Joyce Meyer and her husband Dave Meyer has today  the 7th day of January 2022 clocked 55 years in marriage and has accordingly celebrated their 55 wedding anniversary.

    Dave and Joyce Meyer marriage has been a happy and interesting one where both have remained supportive to each other. According to Joyce and Dave Meyer on their 55 wedding anniversary, their is a secret to every successful marriage because we are all imperfect and marriage requires each person accepting the other person’s flaws.

    Dave who is a USA military veteran and his wife who is the founder of Joyce Meyer Ministries are happily married can now be said to have been happily married for 55 years old.

    Celebrating this 55th wedding anniversary with Dave Meyer on Instagram, Joyce Meyer Ministries posted lovely pictures of the both of them and wrote:

    “Congratulations to Dave and Joyce, who are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary today! We are so thankful for them and the legacy they have built over all these years. ❤️

    If you’ve ever wanted to know Dave & Joyce’s secrets to staying happily married for 55 years, check out this Talk It Out episode at [link in profile] or join our Keys To A Stronger Marriage study at”

    Image credit: Joyce Meyer instagram

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