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Joseph Prince – Sin Has Lost Its Power

    Joseph Prince Sermon Sin Has Lost Its Power : The power of sin is in the law, remove the law and sin looses its power. when darkness covers the earth, it is our duty as the children of God to be the light of Christ.

    God gives us a wake up call in Psalm 91 vs. 1, he says when danger abounds, or when the enemy attacks, we will dwell in the secret place of the most high under the shadow of the almighty. to dwell in the secret place of the almighty, we have to ensure that there is no sin in us. how well we walk before the lord is how well we seat with him. as long as you are born again and you are a believer, you already have your place under the secret place of the most high.

    Pastor Joseph prince also defined a grace based Christian as a Christian who believes in the victory of the death and resurrection of Christ and who makes moves based on the fact that Jesus was condemned to death for our sake and so all of the battles we face here on earth is already settled victoriously in heaven, all the grace based Christian has to do is believe. he also teaches us that grace based prayers are prayed in faith.


    Isaiah 60

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