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Joseph Prince Sermon: How To Recognize God Given Visions

    Joseph Prince Sermon How To Recognize God Given Visions: Hazon is the Hebrew word for prophetic visions from God, When God speaks to you in picture form, that’s the hazon vision and the difference from the visions that are of the world or from the devil, is that the results are all God-like.

    If God speaks it, if God shows it, it will come to pass, And usually, when the devil gives a vision— the devil can also give a vision, but usually, the vision will be something catastrophic, something evil, and then he sort of devastates you. You feel dejected and you feel forlorn just thinking about it Or if you have a nightmare, just know, when you wake up, in the name of Jesus, bind it!

    If something causes fear in your heart, you have a nightmare about yourself or your family being in danger or something negative just bind it in the name of Jesus when you wake up.

    The devil can prophesy the devil’s plans, But the devil is not omniscient, Only God is omniscient, In the upper room, Jesus said: When the Holy Spirit comes, not only will He teach you all things, guide you into all truths, but he will show you things to come. That’s the future!

    Let us not disinherit what is our rightful inheritance; I want to teach you how to see God’s hazon, vision. When you ask God, get ready. If you asks God for something, remember this, In James 1, it says:

    “If any of you lack wisdom Or direction, or even a vision, All this is inherent in that word.”

    If you lack direction, you want God’s wisdom, and what do you do? Let him ask of God that gives to all men liberally and upbraideth not,” He does not scold you out for it, He gives you liberally But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering, for he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.”

    A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways, So when you ask, ask in faith, Bring out your notebook and ask the Lord: How do you see this situation? If you have a problematic situation that you want God’s answer on, ask God to speak to you, if the vision doesn’t come then and there, many a times, I find that when you have a pen ready, and your book in front of you, you write and you journal, God will begin to speak to you.

    Now, listen, In the occult world, in the new age, they also have this, It is what they call automatic journaling, Don’t do that, What they do is that they make their mind passive, their will passive, they open up an exercise book, You see, the devil always copies God’s method. Except for this.

    Pastor Joseph Prince wants us to understand that God never overrides your choice, God wants to cooperate with you, He doesn’t make you passive and then He takes you over, That’s what the devil does, Even in the case of speaking in tongues, we have to speak, as the Spirit gives us utterance.

    If we don’t speak, nothing will happen, So God always works with man’s will Man’s cooperation, We are co-laborers with God, So likewise, in the world, in the occult world, what they do is that they just let themselves loose and then an evil spirit takes over and then they start writing automatically.

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