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    JOSEPH PRINCE SERMON HOW TO HAVE FAITH FOR EVERYTHING IN LIFEPastor Joseph prince said, sometimes we say words like I want to use my faith one last time to believe God for this provision, to believe God for healing, to believe God for this for that. it seems my faith was dissipated in so many directions until one day the lord showed me seek, you first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, which is a gift and all these things will be added unto you, in other words I should use my faith only for one area to believe that what God declared about me as being righteous is so.

    Every day I declare I am righteous by faith, I declare I am the righteousness of God in Christ, the more I declare it, the more I see the blessings of God in my life can never go. Pastor Joseph Prince said, I used to think that when I studied on faith, I learned about faith, faith is all about receiving healing, receiving blessings, receiving all favours from God, but now I believe faith is directly related to righteousness, to believe that you are righteous by faith, only four times is faith in the new testament directly related to salvation yet we preach a lot on salvation, without more salvation than righteousness in the church but faith is only directly linked to salvation four times in new testament but faith is directly connected to righteousness 20 times in the new testament what does that tell you it tells you?

    Where to use your faith every day, there will be reasons for you to wake up feeling unclean, feeling you’re not in right standing with God, feeling that God is far away, feeling that you don’t deserve God’s answers to your prayer, feeling like you have missed it, feeling like you don’t deserve the blessings. That’s the time you must declare by faith I am the righteousness of God in Christ.

    you never go to a man, by the way you know why by faith, when God pronounced you righteous doesn’t mean you’re there’s no more manifestation of sin, you won’t see like bad thoughts, go through your mind never again no no the reason why is, by faith because you are conscious of the presence of sin in your members of your body in your in your flesh you’re still conscious but in spite of that you believe what God says, God has made you righteous, you confess i am righteous by faith, that’s why it’s by faith in spite of all the evidence that tells you, you still have the kind of wrong thinking, you still have the negative emotions and all that, you say i am righteous by faith, the more you believe that the more you’ll see the blessings of the righteous fall on you, the blessings of abraham fall on you, all these things added unto you, you become the heir of the world which includes even health provision, emotional well-being, poise and confidence in the lord.


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