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Joseph Prince Sermon: A Reminder For Your Anxious Heart

    Joseph Prince Sermon A Reminder For Your Anxious Heart: Many a times, we fail to realize that peace is not something that we obtain because we have put ourselves in a special posture Or we have meditate long enough.


    It is not something that you do, it is something that you receive. Jesus said: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.” Now He would have spoken Aramaic or Hebrew to His disciples He would have said this, Shalom I leave with you, I bequeath to you, that peace that you, saw me operating in, these three and a half years. In ministering, that wellbeing and wholeness to those who were sick, to those who were broken, for those who were infirmed, That same peace that you saw when I touched the leper and he was cleansed, that same peace you saw in me I was in that boat sleeping, in the midst of the storm and you guys had to

    Wake me up, that peace I leave with you My peace I give unto you.”

    “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you.”

    The peace is given by him but the way you enjoy that peace is, He tells you only one thing, Let not, I cannot let not your heart be troubled for you and your pastor cannot do that for you, Your spouse cannot do that for you, your children cannot do that for you, No one can do that for you, but yourself.


    Jesus is talking to you and He says: “Let not”. “You let not your heart be troubled. Neither let it be afraid.”


    In fact it would be great for you to once a while, to make it like a game, it might sound a bit irreverent but honestly, the things of God are easy, it’s not hard!


    By “a game”, Pastor Joseph Prince is saying make it easy because Jesus says: “My yoke is easy and my burden is light. Sometimes we live with the impression that the Christian life is hard but the Bible says:

    “The way of the transgressors is hard Jesus said: “My yoke is easy.

    My burden is light Notice those two words: “Easy” and “light.”


    Think about those words! Throughout this week, if you can, make it like a game, make it easy for you.


    Every time something, comes to provoke, your heart into fear or anxiety, or maybe you are watching the news and you find your heart getting troubled, Straight away, tell yourself: “Let not your heart be troubled, ”Talk to yourself, Say to yourself “No, I will not let my heart be troubled, That’s my responsibility.”


    It’s one thing to be troubled, it’s another thing to be afraid.


    Many a times, when trouble comes, we are troubled and then we succumb to the fear and then further on to panic attacks and the worst form of stress. You know, chronic stress is dangerous because you release something, in the adrenal glands, you release something called cortisol and cortisol will release sugar in your bloodstream for fight or flight.


    The sugar is supposed to help you fight or flight but what happens if you’re chronically stressed? You’re perpetually stressed? Even when the danger is over?


    Pastor Joseph Prince wants us to know that the antidote to this is peace, So receive that shalom and be conscious of what you let trouble your heart.


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