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Joseph Prince New Book Expedition Promised Land

    Joseph Prince New Book Expedition Promised Land:  Pastor Joseph Prince tells about his new book, Hi, I’m Joseph Prince and I’ll be your personal guide, helping you discover the land of Israel. There’s just something about being in Israel, The Promised Land, The land of the Bible. The very land

    Our Lord Himself walked. With my new book— Expedition Promised Land: Walk Where Jesus Walked, I want to bring you on an adventure with me to discover the beautiful land of Israel and unpack the Scriptures for you as if I was your personal guide.

    Filled with stunning photographs, page after page and breath-taking video footage, this book will help you visualize what it would be like to be at many different locations around Israel.

    My team and I have also included helpful maps, diagrams, illustrations, and Bible timelines. These visual aids will give you a better understanding of the historical and spiritual significance of the sites. You will also find additional teaching content, where I preach live at iconic locations in Israel that you can access for free via the QR codes throughout this book.

    This is indeed my most ambitious publishing project to date! Whether you are planning a trip to Israel or just want to take this journey from the comfort of your couch, I wrote this book with you in mind. I really believe your life will be changed as you encounter your Saviour afresh in the Promised Land and as you catch a greater revelation of all He accomplished for you at the cross.

    Joseph’s latest book, Expedition Promised Land: Walk Where Jesus Walked is available for pre-order now. Find out more at


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