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John Piper Sermons – How Will Love Grow Cold in the End Times?

    John Piper Sermons How Will Love Grow Cold in the End Times? – When Jesus was seated on the mount olive, his disciples walked up to him and asked him what the signs of the end time will be? and he revealed to them some signs which included; many false prophets coming in the name of God to deceive his children, nations rising against nations, rumours of war,  famines, and pestilences, earthquakes, he also said that all this shall be the beginning.he said  there shall be lots of iniquity but thats still not the end, prophets will be killed because people will  not like what is being preached by them but still it wont be the end time. it will be the end time only when the gospel of the lord has gone round the world and every one in all the corners of the earth have received the good news of God. However, those who persevere through this will be saved and make it to heaven.

    When God said the love will grow cold, he was referring to the fact that the more people fall into sin, they would not love God the same way, it is written that we can not serve two masters, the same person cannot love God and sin, therefore when people begin to fall into sin, they would abandon God and love  him less, there will be a great hostility to authority, the love  for God and man will be just a shell of love. The love for man, that is, the love of brothers shall be decreased greatly because in a world where there is chaos, brothers are bound to betray brothers.

    We can prevent all this by holding on to god when the going gets tough because it certainly will, we should hold on to the promises of God and ask him to strengthen us through this period of trial, ask him to give us the grace to love him more and love our brothers in the way he would want us to.


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