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See How Pastor John Gray celebrated his son’s 10th Birthday

    John Gray Son birthday : The senior pastor of Relentless church and the husband of Aventer Gray has taken to instagram to celebrate his son’s 10th birthday anniveersary.

    Celebrating his son,  Pastor John Gray provided a slide show of pcitures of the child begining with pictures of Aventer Gray’s pregnancy and diiferent pictures of his growth strages .

    John Gray Son birthday

    Commenting on this , Pastor John Gray wrote on Instagram thus :

    Ten years. That’s my baby boy…. #Repost @iamaventergray with @make_repost

    Still all about FOUR…⁣

    I’m not comprehending how fast a decade of life went. I feel like I just had my son! Now, he is all legs, pre-teen, debating me about God, life, social Justice, the planets, animation, presidents, outer space, vehicles, planes, soul music, piano, green screens, movies, & pizza! Lolol My baby boy is so loaded with brilliance, I am in awe!⁣

    He is much different from his sister. He isn’t a camera person, he is over how many pics I take. He wants direct answers and thinks he can express his real thoughts on everything, including mommy’s broke nail(and auntie’s who can relate lol no one is safe with broke nails), loose lace on my wig, closed doors, and more! He doesn’t mind wearing same sweats or being “fresh” as he puts it. He loves people but when he wants to not be bothered, he lets you know. Ahhh this kid! Lol! I love love love him!! ⁣

    Daily…I thank God for his life! Mommy adores you buddy! Keep soaring! #FourturnsTEN #HBDSon #432012 #GraykidsLife #foursworld

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