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Joel Osteen Sermon: Your Place Of Blessing

    Joel Osteen Sermon : Your Place Of Blessing : The lead pastor of Lakewood Church and founder of Joel Osteen Ministries, Pastor Joel Osteen has come through with this life changing and inspiring sermon titled ”Your Place Of Blessing” and it is a message of hope and inspiration highly recommended for all believers.

    Preaching on this sermon, Pastor Joel Osteen  said, Change is God leading you into your place of blessing. You’re about to step into greater favor, opportunity and provision.

    The door closing wasn’t random, the person that forced you out, the unexpected change wasn’t happenstance. It was strategic. It was the hand of God moving you to a place of greater blessing, greater favor, greater fulfillment.

    Stay open for change. Don’t fight the closed doors. Don’t get discouraged when you get pushed out. God is leading you to a place of greater blessing.

    Is there something God is asking you to do but you keep putting it off? You’re afraid of the unknown, not sure how it’s going to work out. You can’t play it safe your whole life and become who you were created to be.

    At times, we’re all going to mess up: leave when we’re supposed to stay or stay when God wants us to leave. The good news is God’s not going to let you miss your place of blessing.

    There are specific places where God has designed for you to be blessed, places where He has favor, opportunity, and provision waiting for you. Your destiny is connected to certain places.

    Just because it happened one way doesn’t mean it’s always going to happen that way. Stay open for change. Be willing to accept the new thing God is doing.

    Kindly watch, meditate on, learn from and be inspired by this amazing and life changing sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen ”Your Place Of Blessing”and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and help you to locate your place of blessings.

    Watch Joel Osteen Sermon ”Your Place Of Blessing” Youtube below

    Video Credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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