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Joel Osteen Sermon : Your Destiny is Calling

    Joel Osteen Sermon Your Destiny is Calling: Joel Osteen talks to us today “about your destiny is calling” in the scripture, God called Abraham a father of many nation, at that time he didn’t have any children, he and his wife Sarah were too old to have kids, it looked like God made a mistake Abraham could have thought God, what do you mean I’m not a father of many nations I’m childless my wife is barren.

    Here’s the principle, God calls you what you are before you become it, people call you what you are after it happens, God calls you what you are before it happens. When God rejected Saul as the king of Israel he told Samuel I have found a man after my own heart, David will be the next king.

    What’s interesting is David wasn’t a man, he was a teenager he was out taking care of his father’s sheep, he was a boy yet God called him what he would become, in the same way God calls you blessed, successful, strong, healthy and talented that may not all be true right now, you could say like Abraham, God what do you mean I’m not blessed, I’m struggling in my finances, I’m not healthy, I’m dealing with this illness, don’t worry it’s on the way. God calls us things that we are not, as if they already were. There are promises that God has spoken over your dreams and goals, he’s placed in your heart, you didn’t come up with them on your own, those aren’t just your ideas God put them there.

    The scripture talks about the secret petitions of your heart, that means the things you’re dreaming about you haven’t told anyone, seems too big too far out, that’s your destiny calling, that’s God telling you what you can become you may not see how it can happen every circumstance may say you don’t have the talent, you don’t come from the right family, you tried last time it didn’t work out, don’t talk yourself out of it. God has spoken it, he controls the universe, all he’s looking for is someone who will agree with him someone who will rise up in faith and say yes.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to say I can hear my destiny calling, I may not see a way but God, I know you have a way, if you speak it I believe I can become it, human nature says when I see it I’ll believe it, faith says I’ll believe it then I’ll see it. God will speak things over you that don’t seem logical.

    When you’re sick the medical report says you won’t get well, God says just the opposite, he calls you healthy, whole and strong when the odds are against you, you don’t have the connections, the resources, the experience, God calls you successful, prosperous, the head and not the tail when you’re struggling with an addiction everybody in your family has had it, if you’ll listen you’ll hear your destiny saying you are free, this addiction is temporary the buck stops with you God doesn’t call you what you are, he calls you what you can become.


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