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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON YOU CANNOT BE DEFEATED : Pastor Joel Osteen says, We all face situations where the odds are against us, we don’t see how we could get well, how a relationship could be restored, maybe how we could ever break an addiction. In the natural it seems impossible and it’s easy to just accept it and think, this is my lot in life but David said in psalm 41, the favour of God keeps my enemies from defeating me.

    When you walk in God’s favour, honouring him with your life, knowing who you are and who you are, you cannot be defeated, you may suffer a temporary setback, a disappointment, an unfair situation but if you’ll keep moving forward, it won’t be permanent. One touch of God’s favour can turn any situation around, what you’re facing may seem bigger, stronger, more powerful but deep down, don’t be intimidated, you’ve got to know you cannot be defeated.

    The creator of the universe has put his favour on your life, you too may have had a rough past, maybe you’ve had some bad breaks, the good news is it’s not over, God is not finished, God always ends in all is well, if all is not well, it simply means it is not the end and you haven’t seen what God is about to do, God is about to take what’s meant for your harm and use it to your advantage.

    God is about to pay you back for the unfair things that have happened, psalm 44 says it this way, they did not get the land in their own strength or by their own sword but because you favoured them, you may be up against a big challenge. Today you’ve done everything you can in your own strength, in your own ability and that’s important but let me encourage you, when you come to the end of your ability, when you don’t see a way, when all the odds are against you, don’t get discouraged, don’t let the negative thoughts keep playing in your mind, just keep thanking God for his favour and God will do for you what he did for these people.

    What you couldn’t make happen on your own, what you couldn’t fix in your own ability because of the favor of God, he will make it happen for you. Pastor Joel Osteen says, God knows how to solve your problems god knows how to change people’s minds god knows how to restore your health, he’s the one that made your body, it may look like that financial situation is never going to turn around but one touch of God’s favor can put you into overflow you’ll have more than enough.

    God is not limited by what you’re facing, he’s limited by what you’re believing, when you believe all things are possible, when you go through the day saying, lord thank you for your favor, that’s when God can do things for you, that you could never do on your own.



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