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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON THE RIGHT MIRROR : The right mirror, it is so important how we see ourselves. Your self-image will determine whether you reach your full potential. If you see yourself lacking, at a disadvantage, not attractive, it will limit your life. It’s not that you don’t have great potential, its your self-image is distorted.

    You walk in front of one mirror, and it makes you a couple feet taller. Another one makes your chest real big, your arms exaggerated, there are mirrors that leave your body normal, but your head is shrunk, your mouth, nose, features are all out of whack. Certain mirrors make you look a hundred pounds heavier, body all out of proportion. None of these images are true images, it’s not who you really are. They are all distorted.

    How many of us in real life don’t recognize when we are looking at a distorted mirror? We see ourselves as not talented, not attractive, unqualified. Now that distorted image is holding us back, what would happen if we got rid of the wrong mirror?

    The scripture says, you have been made in the image of God. He made you talented, beautiful, smart, and confident. You are fully equipped for the purpose he has laid out for you but the trick of the enemy is to distort your self-image. He doesn’t want you to see yourself the way you really are. Like that carnival, he’ll put up these distorted mirrors. The psalmist said, you have been fearfully and wonderfully made but when you look in his mirror, you will see all your flaws, everything you don’t like will be exaggerated.

    You have been forgiven, redeemed, but when you look in that mirror, you will see all your mistakes, failures, times you don’t measure up to looking back at you, is a guilty, unworthy, undeserving person, it’s a distorted mirror.

    You have been through disappointments, life has not treated you fair, that distorted mirror will come up, and you will see yourself defeated, at a disadvantage, nothing good in your future. When the truth is God has beauty for those ashes. What was meant for harm, he is turning to your advantage.

    What’s the problem? you are looking in the wrong mirrors long as you are letting that define who you are, as long as you are believing those distorted images, it will keep you from rising higher, You have to get rid of that mirror and go get the right mirror.

    James 1 says that God’s word is like a mirror, it reflects who you really are, what God says about you is the true image you, need to keep in front of you. You are not defined by people, by your past, by how you were raised, by what did not work out, you are defined by your creator. When you look in the mirror of God’s word, you will find that you are valuable, you are talented, you are confident, favoured, blessed, worthy.

    Pastor Joel Osteen wants you to know that as you see yourself the way God sees you, it begins to heal damaged self-images, his word will repair the hurts, the scars, the unfair things that have caused you to see yourself as lacking, inferior, unqualified, we are to Keep this right mirror in front of us.

    Source: Joel Osteen Youtube

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