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Joel Osteen sermon : The Power of Agreement

    Joel Osteen sermon The Power of Agreement: Joel Osteen talks to us today about “the power of agreement”, we’re all believing for a dream to come to pass or praying for a situation to turn around, we’re standing in faith trusting that God is working but something more powerful happens when you have someone agree with you for what you’re believing for.

    Jesus said if any two of you agree concerning anything you ask, my father in heaven would do it. He didn’t say just believe for yourself, just stand in faith alone and it will happen he said find someone that will come into agreement with you he was showing us the power of agreement.

    When you believe to accomplish a dream, take your family to a new level, overcome an illness, you need people with bold faith not people that say I don’t really see how that can happen, you really think you’ll get well? my grandmother died of that same thing. Doubters or a dime a dozen, you need people that say, if you’re bold enough to believe it I’m bold enough to agree with you.

    You need a faith partner someone that will take the limits off of God with you, that will believe for what looks impossible, what’s limiting some people is they have good, but when you come into agreement, healing, breakthroughs, abundance, that you won’t see by yourself.

    The scripture says all of god’s promises are yes and amen when God puts a promise in your heart and you believe it, you have the yes, you know it’s going to happen, but the yes alone is not enough. you need to find the amen, find someone to agree with you, someone that says you believe God is restoring health back to you, you believe that by his stripes you are healed, you have the yes, count me in I have the amen I agree with you that healing is coming, I agree that you will live and not die, I agree that the number of your days God will fulfil or maybe you believe that you’ll break the addiction, you believe that no weapon formed against you will prosper, you have the yes, you’re standing on the promises, now find the amen not and oh no you really think so?

    Joel Osteen says to us today, that we need to come out of oh no agreements, come out of negative agreements and people that doubt. If you’ll get rid of the oh no people God will send you amen people. Have the yes Good news, I have the amen, I agree greater is he that’s in you, than what’s trying to stop you; I agree that whom the son sets free is free indeed.

    When you have a faith partner, someone that will add the amen, it doesn’t just encourage you but it causes angels to go to work, miracles are set in motion, favor is released, a faith partner, a power partner is someone that knows that God is on the throne that he’s fighting your battles that he has the final say.

    In difficult times, it’s so important who you’re allowing to speak into your life, when the battle is raging you can’t afford to have oh no voices, I don’t see how the opposition is so strong, it doesn’t look good, be respectful but get out of there don’t spend your time with people that drain your faith find people that increase your faith people that inspire you to believe.