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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON SECURE IN HIS SOVEREIGNTY : Pastor Joel Osteen, talks to you today about secure in his sovereignty, we all have our own free will. We can make decisions, do what we want, go where we want to go, and it’s easy to think that our life is based on what we’re choosing to a point, of course, that’s true, but that’s not the only factor.


    God has a conditional will, these are things he does base on whether or not we make good choices, and we determine the course our life will take. But God also has a sovereign will; these are things he’s going to do regardless of our decisions. God has already planned ahead of time a purpose for you to fulfill, he’s not making it up on the fly, watching how you’re going to perform, how disciplined you’ll be, then he’s going to decide whether he does certain things, he’s not watching to see what other people do, what bad breaks come your way, what disappointments, then he’ll pivot, come up with another plan.


    It says in Ephesians, “you were chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who, works out everything according to his will.” long before you got here, God laid out the plan and purpose for your life, His sovereign will is unstoppable. There’s nothing you can do or not do to keep his sovereign will from coming to pass. you can’t make too many mistakes; you can’t get so far off course that God’s going to change his mind.


    Jonah did exactly opposite of what God told him to do, he went his own way, he got in trouble, was thrown overboard into the sea, God didn’t say, “too bad, you’re on your own, You should have listened.” God had a big fish waiting for him. It’s like God called an Uber that swallowed him up and took him to the shore.


    God was saying, “Jonah you can’t stop my sovereign will, where I want you ton go, you’re going to go.” not just in negative things when it’s his sovereign will for you to be blessed, it’s not dependent on what family you come from, how much experience, talent, education you have. The blessing will overtake you; you’ll see favour that you didn’t have anything to do with. You didn’t earn it, you weren’t born into it, you can’t explain it, and it’s the unstoppable God carrying out the plan that he decided long ago. When you go to a Broadway play, you don’t show up and the actors are all there without a script. The play starts in fifteen minutes, “let’s decide what we’re going to do, what’s the plot, what character will I play, how will the drama unfold.” the script has already been written. Long before the actors ever arrived, the writer has already decided what’s going to take place, that’s how it works with our lives.


    Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to understand that God is the author and finisher of our fate and we need not worry about any thing.


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