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    PASTOR JOEL OSTEEN SERMON PASS THE TEST : Pastor Joel Osteen said, talks to us today about pass the test. We all face situations that are uncomfortable, its either we’re not getting our way, someone is not treating us right, our dream is taking longer than we thought. It’s easy to get upset, live frustrated, wondering why it’s not changing but much of life is a test, and you don’t really know what’s in you until you’re put under pressure.

    It’s easy to have a good attitude when everything is going our way, people are being good to you, doors are opening, the driver next to you politely lets you in, you’ll feel the joy of the lord, and say “thank you lord for your favor.” that’s good, Praise, gratefulness is inside you but how about when the driver isn’t so polite, in fact, they make sure you don’t get in, stay right on the other person’s bumper, you may find out there are some other things in you besides praise and thanksgiving, you weren’t speaking in tongues but another language started coming out.

    Peter told Jesus, “I’ll never deny you, I’m your most faithful disciple.” his heart was right, he had good intentions, standing with the other disciples, in that atmosphere of faith, that wasn’t difficult but when he was put under pressure, when the roman soldiers were arresting Jesus, when the heat was turned up, the young lady said, “he’s one of his disciples.” peter said, “no, I’m not, you have the wrong person” three times he denied that he knew Jesus.

    The pressure brings to light weaknesses in our character, areas we need to deal with, if we’ll be willing to change, make adjustments, start passing those tests, then God will show us more of his favor. Just because peter failed that test, didn’t stop his destiny, Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to keep in mind that God doesn’t give up on us, he gives us another chance.

    It’s significant that peter is the one that wrote, “don’t be surprised at the fiery trial that is to test your quality,” The purpose of the trial is to test your character, God already knows how you’re going to respond, it’s not to show God, it’s to show you what’s in you.

    Every traffic jam, every person that gets on your nerves, every time you’re tempted to be jealous, critical, pay someone back, that’s not a random challenge, that’s God testing your quality, That’s an opportunity to grow, to come up higher, to show him what you’re made of.

    The problem with failing the test, being rude to someone that’s rude to you, getting upset every time you get stuck in traffic, being jealous over a friend that got a promotion, when you don’t pass, you’re going to have to take the test again. It’s not going to go away, God is going to keep testing your quality. He loves you too much to let you stay at one level. That’s why you can’t pray away everything that’s uncomfortable.



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