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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON LOOK AGAIN YOU ARE FULLY LOADEDPastor Joel Osteen said, I want to talk to you today about look again, we all have dreams that we’ve given up on, Problems we don’t think will turn around, it’s been too long we’ve made too many mistakes. Too often we accept it as the way it’s always going to be but just because you’ve given up doesn’t mean that God has given up, he hasn’t brought you this far to leave you where you are, what he started in your life he’s going to finish.

    You may have had some disappointments, the medical report wasn’t good the business didn’t make it; you still haven’t met the right person it may feel like it’s over to you but God is saying look again, that dream you’ve given up on I’m still going to bring it to pass, that child you think will never get back on course look again he’s going to fulfil his destiny, you think you’re going to be single the rest of your life look again God’s already lined up somebody better than you can imagine.

    Do your part and start looking again, as long as you think it’s never going to work out, it’s been this way too long, that will keep you from the new things God has in store. Who told you you’re not going to love again, who told you you’re not going to be healthy again who told you can’t accomplish your dream, that didn’t come from God, don’t believe those lies start looking again.

    Maybe the loan for the house didn’t go through, people don’t have the final say God does, look again you weren’t able to have the baby, don’t let that convince you that you’re never going to have it look again there’s a baby with your name on them. You haven’t been able to break the addiction now you’re learning to live with it, look again freedom belongs to you, wholeness is in your future, get your passion back, stir up your faith, what God promised you he’s still going to bring to pass.

    Mark chapter 8, they brought a blind man to Jesus and asked him to heal him, Jesus made mud and put it on the blind man’s eyes and prayed for him, he asked him if he could see anything he said yes I can see but it’s not clear, I see people walking as trees, Jesus prayed for him a second time this time his vision was perfectly clear, it’s significant that Jesus prayed for him the first time and he didn’t get completely healed. It’s not like Jesus didn’t have enough power that day or somehow he made a mistake Jesus healed people all the time, this was a test.

    When Jesus asked the man if he could see, he already knew that his vision wasn’t clear, he wanted to see how the man would respond, the man could have said yes, I can see, it’s not perfect but I’m satisfied thanks for doing this, he could have settled for blurred vision, he could have walked away and thought, this is not exactly what I was believing for but it’s better than it was at least i can see something.

    If he had accepted it he would have missed god’s best he had to be willing to look again. When he wasn’t completely healed he was honest with Jesus he could have been intimidated thought this is the son of god this is a respected healer I can’t tell him that it didn’t work out I have to pretend that it’s all okay instead he was vulnerable took a lot of nerve to say I can’t see clearly it’s not what it should be.

    Jesus didn’t get upset, he did not say you need to have more faith what’s wrong with you I heal people all the time Jesus didn’t condemn him didn’t make him feel less than he touched him and said in effect look again. Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to always look and ask again.


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