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Joel Osteen Sermon Living In The Present

    Joel Osteen Sermon Living In The Present: Today we are spoken to about living in the present. So often our mind is either In the past, focused on what Didn’t work out, who did us Wrong, mistakes we’ve made, Or it’s in the future, Thinking about our goals, Worried about our finances, “what if my health doesn’t Improve.” The problem with being in the past or being in the future is you will miss the present.


    David said, “This is the Day the lord has made.” Today is a gift from God. Are you fully engaged, Making the most of each Moment, loving your family, Appreciating the simple Things in life? Are you in yesterday or are you in tomorrow?


    The reason some Relationships are not healthy is you came home from work, but you didn’t really show up. Your mind was somewhere Else. You played with your child, But you were in tomorrow, Thinking about how you were Going to accomplish that Goal. Or you went to the Office, your body was there but your mind was in yesterday, thinking about what you should have done better.


    If you’re going to be fulfilled, you have to Show up for life. You have to be there when you get there. Not show up and be in the Future, worried about how it’s going to work out. Not show up and be in the Past, living in regrets, Dwelling on your Disappointments. Come in to today.


    Yes, it’s good to have Goals; I’m all for having Vision, but you can’t be so focused on what’s next That you miss what you Have right now. I know people that lost what they had, going after what they wanted. They were so intent on reaching their goal, doing Great things that they took their family for granted. They came home but they weren’t there they were distracted; Thinking about what was Next, planning for the Future. They never came into the Present.


    Pastor Joel Osteen advised us to not lose what we have Going after what we want. You can miss your child Growing up, going after what you want. You can miss your spouse who has all this great things about them because you’re so consumed with your business, with your hobby, with how you’re going to fix that Problem.


    The people in your life are not always going to be there. Don’t take them for granted. There will always be plenty of work, plenty of Challenges, plenty of Problems to solve; those Things will never go away.


    When you’re with your Family, give them your time, your attention. Life goes so fast. You look at your little Children today and the next Thing you know they’re Teenagers, tormenting you (blessing you).


    When you come home, you need to show up. Are you making the most of that Moment or are you in tomorrow? Hoping you’ll get the Contract, worried about your Business, wondering how the Finances are going to work out?


    Are you in yesterday, upset over the disappointment, Bitter over who hurt you, Thinking about what they Said? You’re missing the beauty of this day. Once we live this day, we can’t get it back. Don’t take for granted all the good things in your life Right now.


    Pastor Joel Osteen has asked us to enjoy where we are, Take time for the people God’s given you. The dreams will come to pass in due season, the problems Will resolve in God’s Timing. Worrying about them doesn’t make it work out any sooner. Constantly thinking about your goals doesn’t make them Happen any faster, Stay in the moment. It should not just be our goal to live in our house with my family; we must be connected to them.



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