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Joel Osteen Sermon : It’s Been Happening All Your Life.

    Joel Osteen Sermon It’s Been Happening All Your Life :  Here is another inspiring sermon by Pastor Joel Osteen titled ”It’s Been Happening All Your Life”  highly recommended for our spiritual upliftment.

    Preaching on this sermon ” It’s Been Happening All Your Life”, Pastor Joel Osteen said, There are seeds in all of us that are lying dormant. We went through disappointments; now we don’t think it could happen. We may have given up, but that seed is still alive.

    Feelings come and go. Feelings can lead you astray. We have to go deeper than the surface. Override those feelings telling you to be discouraged, and on purpose, have a good attitude.

    Why are you being ruled by your feelings? Why are you letting your emotions determine your future? Put your hope back in the Lord.

    Sometimes you can’t get up on your own, but God is right there with you, lifting you, strengthening you, healing you, breathing in your direction.

    Quit letting how you feel dictate your mood; start choosing to have a good mood. Choose to be kind. Choose to be friendly. Choose to be hopeful.

    Your will is more powerful than your feelings. Start thinking faith-filled thoughts: hopeful, positive, uplifting. That’s what you’re going to draw in.

    Kindly watch, meditate and learn from this sermon by Joel Osteen ” It’s Been Happening All Your Life” and as you do so, may God bless his words in your heart and grant you all your heart desires.

    Watch Pastor Joel Osteen Sermon 2023 ” It’s Been Happening All Your Life” Youtube

    Video credit : Joel Osteen Youtube

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