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Joel Osteen sermon : If You Only Knew

    Joel Osteen sermon If You Only Knew: Joel Osteen talks to us today about “if you only knew”. We all go through disappointments in life, things we don’t understand, Sometimes we make mistakes and bring trouble on ourselves.

    It’s easy to get discouraged and lose our passion but God won’t allow anything to happen that will keep you from your purpose. He’s already taken into account every bad break, every person that walked away, every mistake.

    What we can’t see is how he’s working behind the scenes. Sometimes he has to close a door so he can open a bigger door, he’ll move a person out of your life because they’re limiting your growth.

    what looks like a disappointment is really the hand of God ordering your steps, it doesn’t make sense now but down the road, you’ll see how if that door hadn’t of closed, you wouldn’t have met that person, that introduced you to a friend, that had an opportunity that took you to a new level. If you only knew what God was up to, you wouldn’t live upset.

    if you only knew how he’s going to connect the dots in your life, how all things are going to work for your good, you’d get your passion back. Maybe you went through a loss, you’re discouraged, thinking you’ve seen your best days.

    It can be very difficult but if you only knew God has beauty for those ashes, if you only knew the new doors that are going to open, the new friendships that are coming, if you only knew that your latter days will be better than your former days. Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to know that it may look like the end, but really, it’s a new beginning.

    The best part of your life is still in front of you. Perhaps you’ve made mistakes; you’re not where you thought you’d be in life. You’ve accepted that you can’t reach your dreams, you can’t see God’s favor, and maybe you are looking at what you’ve done and how badly you might have shifted from God, that didn’t stop your destiny. God knew every mistake you would make, every failure. He’s already lined up restoration, another chance.

    When God told Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh, Jonah went the other way. Exactly opposite of what he knew he was supposed to do, God didn’t say, “I’m done with you, Jonah, see if I’ll ever help you.” a couple days later, Jonah was thrown overboard, in the middle of the sea in a huge storm. You would think God would say, “see Jonah, I told you to do what I said. Now you’re in trouble, you’re on your own.” God had a big fish already in place, a whale waiting to rescue Jonah. It swallowed him up and carried him to the shore, like a cruise liner, and three days later spit him up on dry ground.

    You may be off course, thinking you’ve missed your Destiny, if you only knew what great lengths God is going to go to get you back on course. If you only knew there are whales waiting for you, to rescue you, to protect you, to bring you back into your purpose.

    You can’t outrun the mercy of God; you can’t get too far away, too far down. The psalmist said, “If I go to the depths of the ocean, God you are there. If I go to the heights of the heaven, you’re still there.”

    You may have gone your own way, done things that were not the best, you think God wouldn’t have anything to do with you, but like Jonah you can still become whom you were created to be. Don’t sit around condemned, listening to the accuser, reminding yourself of everything you’ve done wrong.

    If you only knew what God was going to do, how he’s not just going to restore you, not just bring you out and set you on the sidelines, he’s going to put you back into purpose.




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