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Joel Osteen Sermon: Healing Words

    Joel Osteen Sermon Healing Words : Our words have the power to lift, help people to get through a challenge and push them to their destiny. Words of encouragement can be healing words to people causing them to belief in themselves and a driving force towards greatness. More than ever, people need your healing words in the society we live in. Don’t be to caught up in your career or activities, take time to be a hero. God need you. He doesn’t have a voice on this earth to encourage except your voice. He is counting on you to help the people in your life. Don’t keep the healing words to yourself, be free with your compliment. Your thought is not a blessing until it is spoken.

    If God puts healing words in your heart, say it. You don’t know what people are facing or the hurt they have from the past. God brought up that thought for a reason and it is not there by accident. Nobody gets tired of genuine compliment or healing words so when the thought comes up, tell them again. It is easier now because you can send them a text or call them if they’re not there in person.

    The Scripture says a gentle tongue brings healing. Most times it isn’t all about your thoughts but verbalizing it makes you a healer. Don’t try to reason out your healing words or withhold it. Don’t ignore what you feel on the inside.

    Everybody has a couple of what they are going through no matter how they look on the outside. We seem not to understand the power of a simple compliment. Your words may seem ordinary to you but when God breathes on them, they become extraordinary to the other person.

    Proverb 18 says our words can be a life giving water which means people are thirsty. Nobody is in your life by accident. Nothing is more rewarding than to help some else rise higher. Start with your family. Don’t let a stranger compliment your spouse more than you do. Don’t let others make your children feel more special than you do. Call out their seed of greatness through words of encouragement. Words like, l am blessed to have you should be spoken a lot.

    Some people are like clouds when they disappear, it is a new day. They nag a lot and find fault in everything, words of encouragement is far from their tongue. Let people be glad that you are around them and not the other way round. Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone needs someone to cheer them on. Compliment is the glue that holds relationship together. One compliment can have a impact for a life time. Don’t withhold your compliment, it could be what motivates people to do more.

    Video Credit: Joel Osteen Youtube

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