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    JOEL OSTEEN SERMON GOD WANTS TO HEAL YOU : The lead pastor of Lakewood church, husband of Victoria Osteen and father to Jonathan and Alexandra Osteen, Pastor Joel Osteen  has come through with this inspiring sermon titled ”God wants to heal you”.

    In this sermon, Joel Osteen said, I want to talk to you today about make the switch one prayer we’re taught to pray is God not my will but let your will be done, many times, we don’t know what’s best for us, when it comes to guidance and direction, it’s important to ask God to show us his will. God if it’s your will let me get this position, if it’s your will cause this relationship to move forward, that’s honuoring God showing our dependency on him but there are some things we don’t have to pray God, if it be your will, we can look in the scripture and find out what the will is


    When it comes to healing, you don’t have to pray God, if it’s your will you can heal me, all through the scripture we can see it is God’s will, Matthew 15 says, they brought the sick, the lame, the blind to Jesus and he healed them all, 14 times in the scripture it says he healed all that were sick, I can’t find one time where Jesus turned someone away and wouldn’t heal them, he didn’t do it the same way but he healed them all.


    You don’t have to pray lord, if it’s your will you can bless me Jesus said he came that we might live an abundant life to the full till it overflow, well God if it’s your will, you can free me from this addiction, otherwise I’ll endure it, I’ll take up my cross and follow you, carrying the cross isn’t living addicted, sick, defeated that means not giving in to carnal desires not compromising but as long as you think God if it be your will to heal me, to bless me, to free me, it will limit what God does.


    You have to make the switch from God, if you want to heal me to God, I know you want to heal me, from God if you want to bless me to God I know you want to bless me.


    Well Joel if God wants me to carry this sickness, if he wants me to endure it, to show that I trust him, I’ll gladly do it, you don’t have to carry it, God’s already carried it, Isaiah said Jesus took our infirmities and carried our diseases it is not faith to say if it be your will, you have to have the boldness to say God, I know it is your will that verse goes on to say by his stripes, you were healed, Jesus took 39 lashes on his back before he was crucified.


    Studies tell us there are 39 major categories of disease he took one for each one, he didn’t leave anything out by his stripes you were healed, it’s past tense, and he’s already done it.

    Our attitude should be lord I receive your healing, I receive what you’ve already done, you don’t have to beg God to do it, try to talk him into it. Pastor Joel Osteen wants us to make the switch, because God has taken care of it all.


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