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Joel Osteen Lakewood Saturday 7pm Service

    Joel Osteen Lakewood Church Saturday 7pm Service 26 September 2021 – To enjoy God’s favor, first understand and believe that God has reason for allowing whatever you are going through. Sometimes God won’t bring you out of a particular problem because He wants to bless you in the midst of it.

    You don’t have to wait to get out of the trial to see His supernatural favor. The target of Joel Osteen’s Message of peace is to an assurance that our best days are still ahead, and together we can make a difference in this world .

    The theme of this Saturday Lakewood church is ”Proper where you are planted” You don’t need to come out of your present predicament for you to prosper. While you are waiting for things to change, you should not put your dreams on hold.

    God wants to prosper you in the difficulty, God wants you to show you favor in the famine. God does not necessarily need to bring you our of the problem to bless you. sometimes he wants to bless you in the pandemic.

    Jeremiah 29 says, the plans of God for us is a plan to prosper and not for disaster. The plans to achieve our desired and hoped future.

    We all have times when what we are hoping for is not happening as fast as we like. There are times we are looking for break through, our family turn around, etc. While we are waiting for this , we must continue to work hard, we must not put our dreams on hold because of difficulties.

    God wants to bless us in our huddles, God wants to lift us in our times of pandemic, famine, difficult moment. God does not need permission from anyone or any situation to bless you.

    God may not bring you out of that negative environment but he will promote you in the midst of it. If God is not delivering you from the difficulty , maybe that is a sign that you are supposed to shine in the difficulty. God is going to make you prosper you in the enemy’s territory.

    What you do in the tough time will determine how high you will rise. At any situation you find yourself, work hard, believe God, see the best in the situation and believe that God will bless you in the situation, God will make you shine in the situation, God will proper you in the difficulty. God does not need permission from your situation to bless and proper you.

    Sometimes the difficulties are part of God’s plans. He may not deliver you out of the situation in your own timetable. But be assured that as a child of God, everything will work out for good for you.  God will prosper you wherever you are planted. Joseph had a son he named Ephraim. He said he named his son Ephraim because the Lord has made me prosperous despite all that tried to stop me.

    If you are going to have Ephraim, if you are going to have God proper you in the midst of the difficulty, you have to stay productive, keep using your gifts, keep being good to people, don’t put your dreams on hold.

    You don’t have to wait till things are perfect, you can prosper in the trouble, keep being your best where you are. I cant promise you that you will come out of the Babylon overnight but i promise you that you will prosper in the pandemic

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