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Letting God Take Control And Trusting His Timing || Joel Osteen Inspirational

    Joel Osteen Inspirational Letting God Take Control And Trusting His Timing : Pastor Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church has come through with this life changing and inspiring motivation and it is indeed a spirit lifting one. In this inspirational by Joel Osteen, he stated thus :


    God put promises and dreams in all of our hearts, we know we are going to do well, our businesses will succeed. But God did not tell us when and how it is going to happen. When it is not working out the way we want , we get discouraged and discouraged. We put God in  a box and tell him when and how to do it .

    If you fix time for God and how it is going to happen, we are bound to get frustrated because God’s timing and way are different from ours. We just need to keep praying and believing. God is working in a way we do not know. God has everything planned out. He is doing things you cannot see. What is upsetting you, what is keeping you awake at night? God is saying , releasing them to me, I will take control, I  am working behind the scene.

    If you are upsetting about what is not changing, why your health is not improving, why you are having issue with finances, then it means you have stopped believing. Release the worries, release the frustration and God will take control.

    When you go through life worried, you will get frustrated. When you believe that God is in control, he will get you to where you are meant to be.


    Anything you need to have to be happy, the enemy can still use it against you. But when you pray to God that this is what you want but that even if it doesn’t work out, you will still be happy,  then the best will get to you.

    Be rest assured that the disappointments and failures are not working against you but in your favor.

    Don’t give up your dream but release control of how and when it is going to happen. Hold tightly to your dream but hold loosely to how God is going to do it.

    God is about to do unusual things, extraordinary thing. The way you think things will happen may not be the same way it will . You cannot see behind the scene . Do not be discouraged how things are not working out. There is a right time and the scripture talks about how there is a right time for everything. If there is right times, then there is also wrong times.

    Don’t put your happiness on hold until things have all worked out. Everyday is a gift, enjoy each day no matter the situation. God uses disappointment and failures to move us to where we are meant to be.

    God uses closed doors as much as he uses open doors, he uses the wrong people as much as he uses the wrong people. god uses difficulties, disappointments, failure etc to position us in our destinies .

    If any failure, disappointment etc will keep you from your destiny, God will never allow it.

    God is telling us today, trust me, I am still directing your steps. God is still on the throne.

    When we face failure , disappointments, it seems the enemy is in control and that’s when we fight and try to resist. God is saying to us today, do not fight anymore, I am still on the throne, I am directing your steps. Stop resisting and start resting. God doesn’t need our help. He is capable of all things.  At his time, he will, make everything right.

    Watch , Listen and meditate on this Joel Osteen new inspirational and be inspired.

    Credit: Joel Osteen Youtube


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