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Beautiful In Its Time : Joel Osteen (A POWERFUL MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH)

    Joel Osteen Inspirational Beautiful In Its Time : The popular American televangelist, lead pastor of Lakewood church , the husband of Victoria Osteen, father of Jonathan Osteen and Alexandra Osteen in the person of Pastor Joel Osteen has come through with this wonderful motivational speech .

    This is indeed a motivational speech that will keep you motivated and encouraged. In this Joel Osteen Inspirational , he stated thus;

    There is a time for joy and time for sadness, a time for harvest and time to plant. God makes all things beautiful at its time. If you stay in faith and keep working and praying, in its time , God will make all things beautiful. God is working behind the scene. Restoration is coming, healing is coming. God will definitely make all things beautiful again. Do not give up on your dreams. It is easy to get discouraged but be strong, pass the test. God is still on the throne. At the right time, God will show up in your life in a way beyond your imagination. He is going to open doors that you couldn’t open. He will bring the right people your way.  God will never leave you depressed. Do not judge the rest of your life by one difficult season. The Israelites missed the promise land because of impatience.

    Be patient, be faithful. At the right time , God will make all things right. While you are waiting on God to make all things right, be good to others, be source of others blessings, help others to rise.

    God has not forgotten about you. you are about to step into beauties. God is doing a new thing, you are to see vindication, restorations, new opportunities and divine connections. The time is turning to your favor.

    Watch , listen and meditate on this inspiring Joel Osteen motivational video and remain blessed.

    Credit for this motivational video by Joel Osteen: Joel Osteen Youtube

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