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Joel Osteen Daily Devotional Today April 13 2023 ”Why You’re Special”

    Joel Osteen Daily Devotional Today April 12 2023 ”Why You’re Special”

    SCRIPTURE: Matthew 13:55, NIV  “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Isn’t his mother’s name Mary, and aren’t his brothers  James, Joseph, Simon and Judas?” 

    When Jesus went around healing the sick, curing the lepers, and teaching with great authority and wisdom, great crowds followed Him. People looked at His family background, and they couldn’t understand it. They asked, “His father was just a carpenter, nothing special. How can his son be doing miracles and be this influential? Where does Jesus get the wisdom to teach so powerfully?” They were looking at His natural father, at His background and training. They didn’t realize who His Heavenly Father was.

    Sometimes life will tell you that you’re average, that you’ve reached your limits, that you’ve gone as far as you can. “Look at your family. There’s nothing special about you. You can’t do anything great.” That may be true in the natural, but you have another Father. No discredit to your natural father, but your Heavenly Father is the giver of all good gifts. Your spiritual bloodline overrides your natural bloodline. If you’re going to see the greatness that belongs to you, the favor, the influence, and the talent, look to your Heavenly Father today.

    Prayer for Today

    Father, thank You that You are constantly working, constantly showing me Your goodness, with every good gift that comes into my life. Thank You that You are my Father and that my spiritual bloodline overrides the natural. I will look to You today to bring out my greatness. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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