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Provision In The Wilderness – Joel Osteen Daily Devotion 17 September 2021

    Joel Osteen Daily Devotion Provision In The Wilderness  – Seasons of silence in our lives, these are moments and times in our lives where we feel like nothing is working, our prayers are not being answered nor are things changing for the better even though we are working seriously, where it feels like God has taken a vacation but pastor Joel Osteen makes us understand that there is no change does not mean that God is absent , he is always there with us. he might not be changing the circumstances around us but he is changing us.

    God uses the seasons of silence to get us prepared. when it feels like we are being over looked even though we are doing the right things, like working harder than our co workers and still not being the one receiving the promotion, These times of isolation where we are not being celebrated are valuable, we might not be changing on the outside but something is happening on the inside, our characters are being developed, we are learning to not depend on people, we are gaining experience maturity and strength to go where God is taking us. do not complain about the silence, God does his greatest works in isolation when nobody is watching.

    When God is silent, it does not mean he is not concerned , its a sign that he is closely watching you, he is getting you prepared for new levels but if he brought us out before we were ready, it will stop our purpose. God love us so much that at times he will hide us and cause us to be overlooked and even cause a door not to open or cause a person to walk away from you. You can be talented and hidden, anointed and hidden, have great ideas and be hidden because it is not time for you to be seen, because God has bigger and greater plans for you.

    Pastor Joel Osteen advises us to be patient and keep trusting God to reveal his wonderful purpose in our lives, the purpose that will make us feel fulfilled about life.

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