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Jerry Savelle Daily Devotional October 21, 2021- GRACE AND STRENGTH

    Jerry Savelle Daily Devotional October 21 2021


    I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me . (Philippians 4:13 AMP)

    The word grace can be defined as “the strength and power of God that enables us to do what He tells us.”

    So, how do you access this enabling strength and power? By accessing the grace of God. The Bible says, “It is good for the heart to be established and ennobled and strengthened by means of grace” (Hebrews 13:9 AMP).

    The grace of God is the only thing that is going to give you inner strength. No amount of self-effort or determination is going to release that inner power. Romans 5:2 tells us that we have access to this grace by faith. Just listen to this partial list from Hebrews 1 of what accessing grace through faith did for those who believed:

    • Noah prepared and ark for the saving of his household
    • Abram went to the place which he would receive as an inheritance
    • Sarah received strength to conceive a child
    • Moses led God’s people safely through the Red Sea
    • Women received their dead raised to life again

    It doesn’t matter what difficulty you may be facing today, or how impossible it may seem to accomplish what God has called you to do. God’s grace will provide the inner strength and power you need to carry you to victory—and you can access this grace through faith.

    Confession: By faith, I access the grace of God. I believe I receive supernatural inner strength to do what the Word tells me to do. I am not moved by how I feel, because God’s grace is upon me right now.

    Credit: The above is an inspiring daily devotional for today October 21, 2021 by Jerry Savelle as contained in his official website ”


    About Pastor Jerry Savelle:

    Jerry Savelle is an American and the president/founder of Jerry Savelle Ministries International. Born on the 24th December 1947, married to Carolyn Savelle with two children name  Terri Savelle Foy and  Jerriann Newton and  a grandchild named Kassidi Cherie Foy.

    Jerry Savelle parents are  Jerry Wallace Savelle, Attie Snow Savelle.

    Jerry Savelle birthday : 24 December

    Jerry Savelle birtyh sign : Capricorn.

    Jerry has an estimated net worth of $5 million dollars as of 2020.

    Some of Jerry Savelle books include 

    1. The Favor of God
    2. If Satan Can’t Steal Your Joy
    3. Prayer of Petition
    4. From Devastation to Restoration
    5. In the Steps of a Prophet
    6. Called to Battle Destined to Win
    7. The Established Heart
    8. Every Day a Blessing Day
    9. The God of the Breakthrough Will Visit Your House
    10. Little Faith
    11. Show Me Your Glory
    12. Walking in Divine Favor
    13. Why God Wants You to Prosper
    14. Ministers Manual