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Biography Of Pastor Jeremy Foster

    Several ministers and pastors are known to be frontrunners in the constant spreading of the message of Jesus Christ. These individuals have ensured that different localities are being reached and impacted by these messages to better their lives.

    Biography Of Pastor Jeremy Foster

    Pastor Jeremy Foster
    Jeremy Foster
    Background Information
    Full Name: Jeremy Foster
    Gender Male
    Place of Birth:
    Ethnicity: American
    Net Worth
    Occupation:  Pastor

    Pastor Jeremy Foster is a popularly known gospel minister and former pastor at Hope City Megachurch in Houston, Texas. His church grew massively, but he had to resign his position due to an allegation of an adulterous affair.


    Pastor Jeremy Foster’s age is yet to be disclosed.

    Early Life

    Pastor Jeremy Foster was born into a Christian family; he gained diverse biblical experience from constant exposure to the word of God through his parent and in the church. His parents were strong believers and preachers and owned a ranch where cattle were being reared.

    Pastor Jeremy Foster was hugely inspired to become a preacher of the word of God while enlightening people on the importance of gaining salvation.

    Personal Life

    Pastor Jeremy Foster is married to Jennifer Foster. Their Union is blessed with five children, namely Jayden, Jeselyn, Jilian, Jackson, and Josiah.


    Given that Pastor Jeremy Foster was born in a Christian home, he already intended to become a gospel minister. He and his wife, Jennifer Foster, formed the Hope City Church in 2014.

    They have actively contributed to numerous activities while working continually to actualize their dreams of reaching out to many people and winning souls. Hope City Church experienced much movement, expanding to 12,000 approximate followers within 4 years of its creation.

    Jeremy Foster Resigns

    Pastor Jeremy Foster resigned from his position as the officiating minister of Hope City Church. His resignation came from his confession of engaging in extra-marital affairs with an undisclosed woman who is not entirely related to the church. The ministry, which Pastor Jeremy Foster and his wife established, was handed over to Pastor Daniel and Jackie Glove.

    Net Worth

    Pastor Jeremy Foster has a net worth of $1 million.

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