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    VICTORIA OSTEEN SERMON GOD GRACIOUS HAND OF FAVOUR : Pastor victoria Osteen tells us that this is our year of acceleration and that we must believe that as we go into this year of acceleration, that God is going to do extraordinary things in our life. Let’s not limit God because of our own ability, because of our resources, because we don’t feel like we have what it takes to do something extraordinary.


    God has designed you and created you to be special, to be different, he has placed something on your life that gives you the advantage. Too often, we limit God because we only look at ourselves, we don’t look at God, we look at ourselves.


    Sometimes we fall into this trap of wanting to pray a big prayer, wanting to believe for something spectacular in our lives but stopping at the moment of faith because we look at ourselves and wonder, could that really happen to me? could I really accomplish something like that?


    our victories are not going to be won by our own strength, our victories are going to be accomplished by God’s favour, his gracious hand of favour on our life, is what’s going to bring about the extraordinary in our life.


    Joseph, Moses, Nehemiah, Esther, just to name a few, believed that they were anointed and they believed they were called by God to do great things. Now, in the natural on paper, they didn’t hold a great position, they didn’t have plenty of resources, they didn’t necessarily come from the right family, but they believed this one thing, that God had anointed them to do something great.


    Joseph who was a young boy doing great things, having an enjoyable life when he realised his brothers despised him so much that they threw him in a pit and they sold him into slavery, his brothers despised him so much, they threw him in a pit and sold him into slavery.


    Have you ever heard yourself say, “my boss doesn’t like me, that’s why i can’t get the promotion, oh, my in laws, they’re pushing me down, my sister, the reason I’m the way I am is because she’s always been so ugly to me. Oh, my husband, he never encourages me.” have you ever heard yourself say something like that, maybe make up on excuse why you couldn’t do something?


    Joseph was sold into slavery, he ended up coming into Potiphar’s house, Potiphar’s wife accused him falsely of doing something he did not do, he landed himself in prison. Through Joseph’s ups and downs, he still believed he had the anointing of God.


    Joseph ended up being second in command of all of Egypt, he was the one that was running the show, how could that have happened? How could that have happened? His brothers threw him in a pit, he became a slave, how did that happen?


    Moses, was not even supposed to be alive, he was supposed to be killed as soon as he was born, some people say this, “our generation is never going to do anything because, there’s too much evil out there, there’s too many things going against them.


    We must always believe  and we must learn to say God, I receive this favour, it’s not what I feel like, It’s not in my own ability but I’m here to honour you. I’m here to accept the free gift that you’ve given me, the advantage to live a life of victory, I receive your favour and I believe through the ups and downs, God, you’re going to get me to exactly where I need to be.”


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