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How To Stop Being Shy : Terri Savelle Foy

    How To Stop Being Shy Terri Savelle Foy : The daughter of the famous pastor Jerry Savelle, Terri Savelle Foy has come through with this great and educative message titled “How To Stop Being Shy”.

    This message is hinged on how to stop being shy and being confident enough to achieve your God-given purpose. It should first be understood that nothing builds confidence more than hearing God speak to you.

    According to Terri Foy, maybe you’re not always shy, but in some circumstances, you tend to shrivel up and not pursue the things in your heart because of a lack of confidence. She further shared how she overcame being shy.  Pastor Jerry Savelle Terri Foy said that Jesus did not die on the cross for you so you could feel insecure, inferior, and lack the confidence to go after the dreams He put in your heart to do. She went on to share the three tips that helped her step out of her comfort zone, build her confidence and go after her dreams.

    She spoke on how to accept who you are and still build your confidence so you can fulfill the dream God put in your heart. Terri shared her personal experience on how she overcame shyness in such a profound way so that she can now walk out
    on a stage of 14,000 people and deliver a message about success from God’s word without freaking out. So number one is keep a journal. She said you should write down what God tells you when you hear His voice as nothing will build your confidence more than hearing God speak to you.

    Watch, listen, meditate and learn from this sermon by Terri Savelle Foy and remain blessed as you stay tuned with us for more update on the latest sermons and devotionals by famous pastors around the world.

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