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How Melissa Joan Hart Went from ‘Teenage Witch’ to Spiritual Warfare

    Actress Melissa Joan Hart has been talking openly lately about her journey of faith, how she found hope in Jesus Christ. Now, she’s sharing about the importance of prayer after a very sad event happened near her.

    Here’s what happened: Melissa and her husband Mark were in their car one day. They saw some young kids running out from the woods near a school called The Covenant School. That school is a Christian school for kids. Melissa’s own children go to a school close to The Covenant School.

    Melissa was really upset when she talked about it on her Instagram. She was crying a bit. She explained that everyone in her family was safe, which was a relief. Melissa and her husband were on their way to meet teachers at school when this happened. Their kids were not at school that day. They helped a class of little kids cross a busy road and get to their teachers. They also helped a mom find her children. Melissa was really sad about what happened and she said, “Enough is enough.” She asked people to pray for the families affected by this sad event.

    Her Faith Journey to Christ

    In 2019, Melissa talked in an interview about her journey to believing in Jesus. She said she goes to a Presbyterian church and reads the Bible to learn more about God. She said she always wants to be closer to God. Some people didn’t like what she said and were mean to her on social media. They didn’t agree with her when she said that everyone should know about Jesus. Some people were also mean to her because they thought she was being hurtful to people of a different religion, like Judaism. This happened because her son had a friend who was Jewish, and they talked about heaven. Melissa told her son that knowing Jesus is how you get to heaven. She believes that believing in Jesus is like having a special key to heaven.

    How Melissa’s Faith Grew:

    Melissa used to be in a TV show called “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.” But she changed a lot after that. She and her husband looked for a church that they both liked. They tried different churches and eventually liked the Presbyterian one. She put her kids in a Christian preschool a long time ago. When she lived in another place, she went to a class where she learned about God from the Bible with other people. She liked being around other Christians and praying with them. She wants to keep learning about God through the Bible.

    Dealing with Scary Feelings:

    Melissa sometimes feels scared or like something not good is around her. She believes in a special kind of power called the Holy Spirit. She closes her eyes and listens to the Holy Spirit. It helps her feel better and less scared. She also talks about how she can use her faith to fight against bad things. She talks about saying things out loud like, “This is a home for Jesus, bad things go away.” She believes that Jesus is like a light that makes darkness go away.

    Acting in Faith-Based Movies: Melissa acted in a movie called “God’s Not Dead 2.” She was careful about this because she thought some faith-based movies can be a bit strange. But she felt good about this movie. She thinks that Hollywood is starting to understand that faith-based movies are important, so they’re making better ones now.

    Source : CBN News

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