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    HOLLY FURTICK SERMON WHAT MATTERS IN MOTHERHOOD : Pastor Holly Furtick said, I’ve shared with many of you before that as a child and even as a young woman, my highest aspiration was to be a mother and somewhere along the way, I built up this idea that the greatest thing that I could do with my life is to raise Godly children.

    It’s not a bad goal to have, so I got married and three years later according to my plan well actually the three year part was my husband’s plan because i wouldn’t have kids right away but three years later, I was pregnant with my first baby and I was so excited, I read every book on baby care that was out there, i eventually moved on to parenting books and I created a plan in my mind for exactly how things were going to go, remember I have a very good best case scenario imagination. I was ready or I thought I was, I considered myself to be a qualified mother and then I had a baby and that baby did nothing that the book said that he was supposed to do and then that baby became a child and i threw away all the parenting books because none of them seem to be working.

    So I came up with this plan in my mind, this idea that I thought okay, if I stay home and I pack the lunches and I make cupcakes for the classroom and I read books to my kids at bedtime, I take them to church and I play worship music in the car, if I do all the right things then my children will grow up to love Jesus and live for him.

    I entered the world of teenagers and ever so gently, the lord began to show me that my imaginary version of grow up to love Jesus and live for him although it’s a great goal and although yes that is what I want for my children, the lord began to show me that, that idea was very much centered around my ego, how i wanted my imaginary best case scenario adult children to be the fruit of a faithful caring Godly praying mother and I neglected to realize that i’m raising human beings who are going to have to forge their own paths and make their own choices and form their own faith so that they can know Christ and truly all of the things that I thought mattered about motherhood really aren’t the thing that mattered.

    Paul said I consider everything a loss because what’s important is knowing Christ Jesus my lord, Pastor Holly Furtick said, she is learning to realise that what will make the biggest difference in my children’s life is that they have a mother who knows Christ, everything flows from that, all along I thought what i do affects who they become, but Paul is teaching us today, he’s helping us to realize that who we as mothers know affects who they become, not what we do.

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