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GIVE YOUR WHOLE SELF TO THE WORD – Daily Devotional (August-16-2021)

    Daily Devotional (August-16-2021) GIVE YOUR WHOLE SELF TO THE WORD

    Scripture Reference: Romans 12:2 – “Do not let yourselves be like the people who belong to this world. But instead, let God change how you think. Then you will become new people. You will be able to understand what God wants you to do. You will understand what is good. You will understand what makes God happy. And you will understand how to live completely as God wants you to live.”

    The purpose of the Word of God is to renew our minds; it is designed to give you a new way to think and a new way to live life. If you give yourself to the Word it will change your mentality and it will change your character. The Word is so powerful that it can change your thought partterns.

    There is a heavenly culture that God wants us to come up to because we don’t belong in this world. We are people of heaven so we should not allow the earthly culture to define who we are. Life is spiritual and amazingly, most people don’t know that the world is govern by spiritual rules; the world is being controlled by the devil who is the god of this world’s system. It was given to him freely by Adam.

    Anything that will happen would have happened already in the spirit before it manifest in the flesh. Have your mind renewed by giving yourself to the Word everyday and constantly keeping a close fellowship with God. If you don’t become conscious of who you are a lot of things around you will go wrong before you know it.

    You can decide from today how your life will turn out to be, you can now choose to win over failure. The world has already occupied us with what we have to think about and even believe but the Word of God is able to change your mind and that earthly culture and bring you to the God kind of culture. let’s spend all the time we can on the Word of God which is able to build you and to give you an inheritance. Living by the Word is living to please God.

    Confession – My life is blessed, my finances are blessed because my mind is constantly renewed everyday as I study the Word of God. I therefore think the right thoughts which are not the thoughts of failure or pain but I think light and success in Jesus Mighty Name.

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