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Gathered Under His Wings – Joseph Prince Daily Devotional

    Gathered Under His Wings Joseph Prince Devotional : The entire leaders and city of Jerusalem rejected Christ, they missed their period of visitation. it was only the children and the disciples and those who saw the miracle he performed when he raised Lazarus that were going after him and shouting hosanna.

    With Jesus alone can we attain salvation in every area of our lives. in Jesus alone is there prosperity that supersedes wealth.

    On his way out of Jerusalem, on the donkey, when the people who believed in him were singing his praises, Jesus wept. he wept because he knew the implication of the rejection of him. the lord wept because he is a merciful God and he wants us all to be saved, he would leave his 99 sheets to go after one lost sheep, thats the kind of love that GOD has for us.

    People always ask why God doesn’t just swoop in and save the day and prevent any bad thing from happening, pastor prince Joseph helps us to understand that even if God is overall in charge, there are rules. that govern the universe.

    We are living in crazy days, we must thank God that we have refuge under his wings. we have to be willing willing to receive, gods gift, he will not force us to receive them. even the lamb that was lost and separated from the 99 has to consent to be carried on the shoulders, the lamb must consent to rest in his strength. we have to let god protect us in this last days, he is not asking us to provide protection for ourselves but we must consent to his protection.


    Mark 11:1-7

    Matthew 23, 37-39

    Luke 19:37-45


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