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See How Holly Furtick Furtick Celebrated Elijah Furtick’s 17th Birthday

    Elijah Furtick birthday : The wife of Pastor Steven Furtick and the mother of Elijah Furtick has taken to instagram to share a clip in celebration of Elijah Furtick’s 17th birthday.

    Elijah is the first child of the senior pastors of Elevation Church, Steven and Holly Furtick. He was born on the 26th day of July 2005, making him 17 years old in 2022.

    Steven Furtick’s son, Elijah is a a talented gospel artist and has been making waves in the music industry. He is currently in a relationship with the love of his life Kelsey Jones

    Celebrating his 17th birthday, his mother Pastor Holly Furtick took to instagram to share:

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