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    DR DHARIUS DANIELS SERMON CUT THE CORD : Pastor Dharius Daniels talks to us from the subject cut the cord, many Christian churches across the world but specifically here in America are today celebrating and commemorating what has been dubbed and designated as palm Sunday, everybody say palm Sunday is the Sunday each year that precedes Easter and it’s a Sunday wherein Christians reflect on Jesus making his final entry into Jerusalem


    He’d gone into Jerusalem a number of times but on the Sunday in which we celebrate palm Sunday, we recognize the last time he went in not to come out again and as Jesus makes his final entry into Jerusalem, people surrounded him and took palms from trees and lay palms in the path that Jesus was going and as they laid palms those around him shouted these words hosanna hosanna, blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord.


    Their cry their proclamation of the word hosanna was not just an expression of adoration, it was a request for liberation because the word hosanna means save us, it means save now actually so when they said hosanna, they were saying save now, save now, set me free now, set me free now, make a way now, open the door now, help me now, heal me now, fix me now, move it now.


    It wasn’t just an expression of adoration it was a request for liberation, they were requesting that Jesus save them, deliver them, rescue them from the tyranny of the roman emperor, they were in other words saying Jesus please lead us straight out of bondage.


    What is interesting though is the way Jesus responds to their request. First of all he does not respond specifically to them, as a matter of fact they were so resilient in their request that the disciples who were with Jesus, told Jesus can you please make these people be quiet and Jesus responded to his disciples saying, if these people hold their peace, the rocks in other words he says I’m going to get praise, I’ve been so good to everything, I’ll make a rock grow a mouth and talk back to me.

    All of creation will declare the glory of God and so it’s interesting that he responds to the disciples but he never responds to the people and that’s important, because very often we feel like if God is not talking to us about the problem, he isn’t working on the problem, sometimes God talks with his mouth, sometimes God talks with his hand. In other words he says do you want me to talk to you about it, do you want me to do something about it? Just because I’m not talking to you about it doesn’t mean I’m not doing something about it.


    Pastor Dharuis Daniels wants us to know that sometimes God is not talking to us about the problem because he is working on the problem and if you just hold on hold your peace and let him fight your battle, you will see that he heard you and went straight into action instead of talking to you.


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