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Dr. David Jeremiah Daily Devotional September 9 2023.

    The theme for Dr. David Jeremiah daily devotional for today September 9 2023 is ”The Marks of Faith: The Marks of Prayer” and it is a message highly recommended for today’s spiritual growth and upliftment.

    SCRIPTURE: Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.-Mark 11:24

    Wonder how Steve Woodmore prayed? He was a British electronics salesman known for his ability to talk rapidly. It all started at age seven when a teacher punished him for talkativeness. He had to memorize and recite an eight-minute speech. He did it in only two minutes. Today he holds the Guinness record as the fastest talker on earth. There’s no account of how long it took him to say the Lord’s Prayer.

    It’s not our talkativeness that impresses God when we pray nor the speed of our prayers. It’s the faith behind them, the certain confidence that He will respond to our prayers. When we sincerely bring our needs and burdens to Him and pray with perseverance, He will always answer in the wisest possible way. His answer may not always be what we envision, but that’s where faith comes in. First, we trust God to answer; second, we trust His answer to be what is best in the situation.

    Prayer is asking God for something, and for something which He has promised. Prayer is using the divinely appointed means for obtaining what we need and for accomplishing what God proposes to do on earth.
    E. M. Bounds

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