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Dr. David Jeremiah Daily Devotional May 27 2023.

    Dr. David Jeremiah daily devotional May 27 2023 Topic: Fresh Air: Focusing on Moments of Fresh Faith – Continual Revival.

    SCRIPTURE: And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude].-Ephesians 4:23, AMPC.

    Once upon a time, the word fresh meant “impudent, disposed to take liberties.” Often in old movies, a girl will tell a flirting man he’s “too fresh.” But we don’t live in old movies, and in our mental and spiritual lives we need to stay fresh, full of renewed vigor, revived, and renewed.

    That’s the Holy Spirit’s role as we allow Him access to the totality of our heart. Just as nature wakes up after a cold, snowswept winter, just as the sap rises in the trees, and just as seeds sprout and flowers bloom—so should we experience continual revival in our life.

    We all long for a global revival, another “Great Awakening.” We pray for that, but we cannot control the seasons God keeps under His own authority. But we do know this—He wants each of us to live in perpetual revival, constantly renewed in the spirit of our mind, keeping a fresh mental and spiritual attitude.

    Does that describe you? It should and it can!

    The peace of Christ makes fresh my heart, a fountain ever springing! All things are mine since I am his! How can I keep from singing?
    Robert Lowry

    Credit : Turning Point Ministries

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