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    DOMI STREAM COVENANT HOUR OF PRAYER September 3 2021: Dedication is a covenant platform for the rise of Giants. One fundamental discovery that we have made about life is the reality of seedtime and harvest.

    In Genesis 8:22, the bible Says, while the Earth remains, specific laws will govern it. One of the laws that govern life is the reality of seedtime and harvest.

    Seeds vary. Even in nature we discover that not all seeds are the same and not all seeds are of equal value or profit, they vary in their nature. E.g in agriculture, there are crops called cash crops because of the profits they bring to their owners.

    As it is in the physical, so it is in the spiritual, in the realm of the spirit, there are various seeds that can be planted. According to the scriptures, we can plant money as a seed, he that sows sparingly shall reap sparingly but he that sows bountifully shall reap bountifully. You can also sow your time, but of all seeds in the spirit, the greatest of all seeds is your life.

    God in proverbs 23:26 says, my son, give me your heart, the planting of your life before God is the commitment of your life to stewardship. When your life is sold out to serve God, then your life is planted as a seed in God and there is no life planted in God that will not yield profit, your life will begin to yield supernatural profit. The profit is usually far beyond the commitment of that life. We should pray for the grace to plant our life in God.

    Bible verses for this preaching

    2nd Corinthian 9; 6

    Psalm 126 vs. 2-6

    Proverbs 23 vs. 26

    John 12vs. 23-26



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