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See Video of Nick Vujicic driving a car

    Does Nick Vujicic drive ? A lot of people have been wondering how the Australian pastor without Limbs and legs manage to live, how he eats, how he baths , does he drive a car, etc.

    The truth is that God has had everything figured out for Evangelist Nick Vujicic and practically all these things people feel he cannot do, he does them.

    For sometime now , Nick works with several engineers in trying to drive a car without any limbs. He’s not confident it will work. We look forward to having this dream of Nick Vujicic to have a special car he can drive being actualized.

    The limbless Australian Evangelist Nick Vujicic has remained a source of encouragement and motivation to many people worldwide.

    This project of Nick Vujicic driving a car is also a projcet that will be actualized soonest by God’s grace.

    Kindly watch video of Nick Vujicic trying out driving.

    It should however be pointed out that one of Nick Vujicic’s hobbies is swimming and he does this perfectly.

    See video of Nick Vujicic swimming below

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