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Dodie Osteen : Healing Scriptures

    Dodie Osteen Healing Scriptures : April Osteen Simons shares this amazing message titled ”Healing Scriptures’ by the mother, Dodie Osteen. Recall that Joel Osteen mother, Dodie Osteen was miraculously healed of cancer. Since then she has taken it upon gerself to spread the good news and miracle and encourage others to believe in God for their healings.

    Commenting on this Dodie Osteen testimony video, April Osteen Simons wrote on Youtube thus; 6 HOUR VERSION of my mom, Dodie Osteen, reads healing scriptures, prays and shares her story of being healed of cancer. Listen as you go about your day or as you sleep. Comforting and encouraging words to bring hope and healing to your life.

    Kindly watch this video and take note of the healing verses in the scripture and know how to trsut God for your healing.

    Watch April Osteen Simons message ”Healing Scriptures with Dodie Osteen”

    Video credit : April Osteen Simons Youtube

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