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Dharius Daniels Sermon: You Can Recover

    Dharius Daniels Sermon You Can Recover: Joel chapter 2 beginning at verse number 23 listen to what the writer says, be glad people of Zion, rejoice in the lord your God, for he has given you the autumn rains, he sends you abundant showers both autumn and spring rains as before the threshing floors will be filled with grain, the vats will overflow with new wine and oil. I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten, the great locusts and the young locusts, the other locusts and the locust swarm. My great army that I sent among you and you will have plenty to eat until you’re full and you will praise the name of the lord who has worked wonders for you. Never again will my people be shamed then you will know, that i am in Israel, that I am the lord your God, that there is no other.

    Dr. Dharius Daniels says, this series today is on radical hope and Dr. Dharius Daniels encourages us to keep calm, that we can recover. He says there are a number of appropriate words that describe character traits that we should inquire, acquire and embody if we are to successfully swim through the sea of life, for example integrity is one of those character traits, integrity first of all it benefits others, it limits the amount of people that become victims of our selfishness because what we do doesn’t just impact us, it impacts others.

    Integrity not only benefits others, but it benefits us, it is an insulator, it protects you in your absence, that when individuals become uncomfortable with your ascension, your elevation and how God has chosen to bless your life and begin to look for justifiable reasons to throw shade and stop and block what God is doing, they end up unsuccessful like they did with Daniel and Daniel 6 because they were looking for something to find and couldn’t find anything not because he was perfect but because he had integrity because when you have, integrity God knows how to hide your imperfections where your enemies can’t find them.

    So integrity is extremely important if you are going to successfully swim in the sea of life, not only is integrity important, wisdom is important also because it is quite possible to be a good person and live a bad life.

    it’s incredibly important that we understand this the bible talks about the significance of wisdom, the book of James distinguishes the two types of wisdom, there’s earthly wisdom cultural wisdom. just the way to do things, the way to get by and the bible calls that sensual, it calls it quite frankly diabolical, it says it has evil origins because that kind of wisdom to get my way, can be manipulative, manipulation the bible has a word for that it’s called witchcraft.

    pastor Dharius daniels say in an effort to accomplish your own agenda, that the spirit that would put that thought in someone’s heart and in someone’s mind to manipulate people to accomplish your own agenda without regard for how it’s going to impact that person it’s the spirit of witchcraft.

    so it’s not talking about that type of wisdom, but that says there’s a wisdom from above, a Godly kind of wisdom and we need that wisdom because that wisdom is not knowledge, that wisdom is the skill of biblical living that that was. In other words, wisdom enables me to take the truth I’m learning for scripture and determine and dictate how can i as a person,  apply this to my life.


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