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Declaring God’s Word – Creflo Dollar, Live Stream (August-19-2021)

    Declaring God’s Word – Creflo Dollar, Live Stream (August-19-2021) – Creflo Dollar in this sermons online stated the fundamentals and powerfulness of declaring God’s words.

    God’s words are powerful and the declaration of the words of God brings miracles, works wonders and brings amazing things.

    It should be noted that the first step to getting the effectiveness of the word of God is faith. Faith and absolute belief in the word of God is fundamental in the effectiveness of the words when declared.

    God is the Almighty and unchangeable God. The word of God is life, it breeds miracles. Declare the word of God with faith and see wonders. God told us in his word that instead of his word not to be fulfilled, heaven and earth will pass away. That is to tell you how crucial God holds his words. He said, Heaven and Earth may pass away but my word will never pass away without fulfilling its purpose. The powerfulness of the words of God is manifested in the creation. Let there be and there came into existence all the Lord mentioned.

    Brethren, I tell you with all sincerity and Certainty, there is nothing as powerful and as assuring as the words of God. Surround yourself with the words of God, work according to his commandments and you will see that Jesus Christ on his death on the cross, finished the whole works of life. All we need is to believe, declare the words and have the miracles.

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